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Pro-Cell, Liquid Chelate Mineral Drink, 1Qt

Pro-Cell, Liquid Chelate Mineral Drink, 1Qt

SKU: 1001
  • Chelated trace minerals in an electrolytic fluid. Sourced from rich non-toxic soil humate that contains natural antibiotics, a wide array of minerals including macro (iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium and more) to micro (selenium, boron, phosphorus and more). One purpose of the product is to help the body absorb essential nutrients, in addition to this product’s topical uses.

    If you ever saw, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," this is our family's "Windex." We use it for almost everything topically and internally, and it is a cornerstone of why we have had such good health, as well as being an intricate part of our family's B.O.B. Recipe.

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