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The Ell Farm was started by Howard Ell in 1941. Howard graduated from Ohio State University (OSU) in 1940. He majored in Floriculture & Horticulture. After graduating Howard spent the next year as a supervisor in OSU’s experimental greenhouse. Howard became disenchanted with the wide spread use of agri-chemicals that began in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

In 1941 Howard purchased the historic property that became Ell Farm, just north of Cincinnati. Howard’s vision was to transform the former dairy farm into an organic farm strategy. He purchased chickens to raise and provide the farm with a never ending source of natural fertilizer. Following his organic farm strategy, Howard fed his chickens the best pure, organic feed. He raised crops, vegetables, herbs and more well into his 80’s. The Ell Family is thankful for Howard’s vision and care for his land.

The Ell Family still owns and operates the Ell Farm. The chickens are gone, replaced by approximately 9,000 trees on 13 acres. Apple, Blue Spruce, Norwegian Fir, Gingko and more varieties of tress continue to nurture the soil and provide the surrounding communities with fresh, clean, non-toxic air. Bee hives provide a source of all natural honey, a local favorite. The Ell Family still follows Howard’s organic farming strategies.

Howard’s interest in the soil’s nutritional level led the Ell Family to focus on organic nutrition. They studied natural, whole foods and plant based medicines that are sources for the human body’s ability to heal, maintain health and vitality through proper care, exercise and organic nutrition. In 1955 the Ell Family opened a store at the Ell Farm to offer the public natural, organic foods, plant based medicines and nutritional supplements. The Ell Farm has been known as trusted source for organic vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas, essential oils and other organic health products. The Ell Family still runs the store today. Their goal is to help their customers take control over their health and lifestyle by providing natural, organic products that remain free of synthetic nutrients or manufacturing processes that strip them of their beneficial nutrients.

Our society has become over-dependent on prescription drugs, surgical therapies and processed foods that many consumers have not adequately investigated. The Ell Farm Store products give you, the consumer, tools for you to control your ability to protect and maintain your health and wELLness. Visit the Ell Farm today or shop our online store for more product information.


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