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Organic Difference

The Organic Difference

Howard Ell had a vision for an all-organic farm. He realized that vision when he purchased a historic plot of land north of Cincinnati, Ohio and started the Ell Farm in 1941. His strategy was to only use natural, organic fertilizers to grow all natural foods. Howard had seen the effects that agri-chemicals and rapid crop rotation methods were having on the land. He knew that a natural, organic strategy was the best way to preserve and protect our land’s nutritional resources.

In 1955 he expanded his vision to include the Ell Farm Store, selling only natural, organic vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, herbs, raw honey and apple cider. The Ell Farm Store still offers natural, organic products and is a trusted source for your health related supplements.

Organic is defined as: vital, natural, inherent, of or having to do with a bodily organ, systematically arranged, derived from living organisms . By definition, organic means compounds that are not processed and do not contain chemical additives that do not naturally occur in that compound. Studies have proven that natural products are safe, more easily absorbed by your body and have additional positive effects on your body and your health without the risks or side effects of processed products.

In 1998 the Ell Family began sharing their recipe for: B.O.B. or Blended Organic Balance. B.O.B. is an unprocessed, organic meal replacement that you can prepare in a blender as a fruit smoothie. Unlike most fruit smoothies or protein shakes B.O.B. provides an organic, anti-microbial balance of highly digestible: carbohydrates, protein, essential fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals (macro & micro) and amino acids. The B.O.B. recipe was developed by the Ell Family based upon the nutrients that are needed to nourish the human body’s metabolic cell process and boost the body’s natural immune system. Click here for B.O.B. information

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