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BOB Smoothie


Blended Organic Balance

Meal Replacement Smoothie

B.O.B. is an unprocessed, organic meal replacement prepared in a blender as a fruit smoothie. Unlike most fruit smoothies or protein shakes, B.O.B. provides an organic, anti-microbial balance of highly digestible: carbohydrates, protein, essential fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals (macro & micro) and amino acids in the form of a tasty, blended smoothie. The B.O.B. recipe was created by the Ell Family based upon the nutrients that are needed to nourish the human body’s metabolic cell processes and to boost the body’s natural immune system.

B.O.B. is made from raw fruit or vegetables and six organic components as follows:


Local unpasteurized pure honey.


An unprocessed protein powder, sourced from soy, whey, egg with Lethicin and papaya to aid digestion. This powder contains no sodium, only 1 gram of natural sugar and 12 grams of protein per tablespoon serving.


Grain grown, loaded with B-complex vitamins, essential aminos and minerals.


An excellent source of essential fat (Omega 3,6 & 9) needed by the following: brain, heart, joints and cell metabolism. This is essential fat.


Our all natural powders are sourced from alfalfa, barley and Durham wheat (a non-hybrid). Wheatgrass juice is certified organic, dehydrated at 88 degrees Fahrenheit with no added ingrediants. This powder contains a perfect scope of nutrients as well as natural chlorophyll, which is very compatible with the human body’s hemoglobin system.


An electrolyte liquid, sourced from rich non-toxic soil humate that contains natural antibiotics, a wide array of minerals including macro (iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium and more) to micro (selenium, boron, phosphorus and more).

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Here’s the recipe and preparation steps for the B.O.B. Meal Replacement:

BOB Drink Recipe

BOB Preparation Steps

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